City tours

From the greek monos and polis, meaning city unique. Maintains the charm that comes from its history and its traditions, subject to external influences: Egnatini, Byzantines, Britons, Spaniards Arabs, Venetians, who have made a real multi-colored mosaic.

Among the major sites to mention, there is the Castle of Charles Vth, built on the 16th Century during the Spanish domination, with attached Arms Museum; the Basilica of Our Madonna della Madia, built starting from 1107, probably the remains of an ancient pagan temple dedicated to worship of the mediterranean goddess Maia and Mercury; the Old Town with its odd shaped head horse; the crypts of Lady of Succour, Santa Maria Amalfitana, and by request, of St. Leonard; the shrine of Saint Cecilia, added to domestic Lamas Botanical Garden of Olives; the Amphitheatre of the Cristo delle Zolle,  recently renovated and used for events and concerts. Then the Abbey of Santo Stefano, from twelfth to the fourteenth century, the abbey was the top of the humanities and the arts. The Knights of Jerusalem, who settled in the fifteenth century, transformed it into a castle enclosed by walls and the moat. Individuals who acquired it at the time of Murat and his anti-feudal laws, made ​​it a farm. Now it is a representative stage for concert, event, theatre, wedding celebration, besides numerous archaeological sites of prehistoric, Messapica, Roman and Medieval Age