A unique flavor in which you will find the best varieties of local olives including leccina, Mola top, coratina, frantoio and nociara. Among Mediterranean spots and rolling hills, between the blue Adriatic and spectacular green expanses, the centuries-old olive tree is the masterpiece of the territory of Monopoli, a locality in the Bari area for the production of fine oil.

The Extra Virgin olive oil “Cristo delle Zolle” by Barnaba brothers, is able to combine the satisfaction of the palate with a correct way of eating. Besides the low acidity, the first distinguishing mark of a good extra virgin olive oil is the fruity, that is the perfume that recalls the fruit, the same perfume that is obtained by crushing an olive in the fingers. According to your tastes it will be possible to choose between two types of precious oil:

The fruity oil sweet and harmonious, delicate, balanced, in which the olfactory sensations recall those of green fruits, as well as particular notes such as artichoke, almond, celery, apple, wet grass. This oil is obtained from the pressing of some varieties of native olives including among which leccina, top of Mola, frantoio and nociara. Recommended for every type of preparation: vegetables, meat, fish, soups, fried food.

The oil with a strong and intense fruity, for the palate of true connoisseurs, slightly spicy and bitterish that pinches in the throat, obtained by pressing the variety “coratina”. Ideal for raw seasonings.

Olivata Year 2018/2019
Superior category Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cold extraction

AVAILABLE SIZES (minimum order 4 cans)
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– CAN 3 liter: € 26,00 (delivery costs included, valid only for Italian territory)
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