Elegant farmhouse just outside the city center of the city of Monopoli, a stone’s throw from the sea. The strategic position of the estate allows you to easily reach the most beautiful tourist resorts in the south east of Bari.

A refined and essential place, surrounded by 16 hectares of centuries-old olive grove, carob and almond trees. A place in which to live the present with an ancient scent, savor the sacredness of times now lost.



The farm originally took its name from the cave “Cave the Pecorona“, an important speleological site in which, in the ’60s, numerous findings were made. Walking in the ancient oil mill, today a restaurant of rare beauty, you can come across the deepest signs of the rural past. Almost in the center of the room is the large millstone with its stone wheels and wooden beams, a source of livelihood for the farmers and the place where “green gold“, olive oil, began to come to life.

Legend has it that many sheep of the “massaro” (the old inhabitant of the farm) disappeared inexplicably once entered the cave. The cave, visited today by numerous speleologists to admire its beauty, has been identified by experts as “Grave of Chianchizza“.